DNR Site Search

Search for sites where contaminaion has been reported to the DNR.

Hint - Keep your search criteria general and then sift through the results

(e.g "Main" instead of "2005 E. Main St.").

WI Storage Tank Search

Search for REGISTERED above- and underground storage tanks (ASTs and USTs).

Keep your search criteria general and please note that unregistered tanks could still exist at a property.

WI Historical Society

I think you get the idea where this link will take you.

DNR General Site

Find general information from the DNR Remediation & Redevelopment page.

DNR Vapor Intrusion Site

The DNR requires evaluation of the vapor intrusion pathway at many contaminated sites.  Here is a link to a lot of helpful information.

WI Rules & Regulations

This link should be good for some light nighttime reading.